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House of Architects Since 2010 has been working under the name of “House of Architects”. These activities include design, architectural and interior design consulting, which has many applications such as residential, office, commercial, recreational, sports, residential and more. Join us for more information on About the Architect House and the knowledge of the designers and designers of this collection

Architect house provides supervisory and executive services and physical plan of the house and project if desired by the employer for specific projects. Despite many factors such as civil restrictions, municipal regulations, employer funding and current enforcement techniques, architects have faced constraints in creating specific spaces.

We believe that it is the constraints associated with the needs of the employer that require the presence of architects. Therefore, aware of these conditions,we have been diligent in designing projects tailored to contemporary architecture

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Our unique process


The home design is the product of the thoughts of a creative team. By creating a brainstorm, in a group process, the idea of design is tailored to the needs of the client. By modeling and 3D projecting, ideas become reality and the result of our achievement is the projects displayed on the architect’s home page. Has been laid.

brain storm

Brainstorming is a well-known tool that can help solve a problem in the architect’s tiny spaces by creating extraordinary and creative solutions. The brainstorming method is especially useful when you want to break the tradition and get updated. Make changes to proven thinking patterns and think in new ways


Replication is a simpler and smaller example of what is intended to be made. Replication may be aimed at collecting or collecting larger objects such as exploring the effect of an idea on a model. Architects have come to play their role instead of replicas. The Jahrom Architect is modeling projects after the idea has been created so that the end result can be predictable

Completion of project

The end of the design project is to complete the architectural drawings and provide the details of the design. Our clients’ needs and tastes are respected by our experts. The process of designing your projects will continue until you are satisfied. Then drawings and details of the final layout using  AutoCAD and 3D Max software are presented to you.

Home architect team

The Architecture and Decoration team of the Architect House has been set up in collaboration with a team of experienced experts. The Architect House has completed numerous projects to date with our experienced and young professionals specializing in building design, implementation and supervision. Taking advantage of modern day knowledge of architecture, expanding and searching in this field has tried to present beautiful and robust projects in accordance with the wishes and demands of its clients and finally has given the client satisfaction

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Abolfazl Mojahedi, Master of Architecture; Click the  link below to view my biography

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One of the criteria of valuation on a building is always its architectural and technical capacities. The Architectural Group of Architects strives to create the most appropriate designs by innovating, utilizing new technologies and assessing the needs of the audience and customers. Decoration Design Choose one of the following topics

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About the Architect House درباره خانه معمار

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